Dr Hennig grew up in Adelaide and studied at Adelaide Uni. He wasn’t sure exactly what to do with himself, but after suffering debilitating low back pain in his twenties, he found his calling! Chiropractic has not only removed the pain but restored Shane’s confidence in his body so that he now play his sport harder than he was able in his twenties!

Shane’s path of study required that he move to Sydney to finish Chiropractic school at Macquarie University. With studies complete Dr Hennig first helped out a chiropractor who had had an accident, then took the next step of taking over a Chiropractic practice in Liverpool, Sydney. Leaving that as a very successful operating Chiropractic practice, Shane’s passion took him to introduce modern Chiropractic to West Africa where his healing hands were well received.

Three years later Shane returned to his home town of Adelaide to start his new practice, Body Focus Chiropractic.

Dr Shane Hennig has treated patients from many walks of life and has been successful in unlocking blocks to full health that people develop due to everyday life. No one is able to walk through life without being affected by life itself. As a Chiropractor Dr Hennig understands the core of your life is in your nervous system functioning at a high level. He is able to identify where your body needs help and tailor a treatment regime that will initially create correction (or rehabilitation), and then educate you to maintain optimal day to day functioning.

Athletes from many sports want optimal performance and life also demands optimal function to get the best out of it. Dr Shane’s philosophy is that life turns “FULL ON” at Body Focus Chiropractic, so his treatment regimes are always individualised to help client’s lead a full-on life.