So, here’s an admission you don’t hear from health professionals…

We don’t believe we can heal you. We believe we can help you heal yourself. If we’re going to work together, you’ll have to want to be healed. Sound ridiculous? Many people don’t do what needs to be done. Think about smokers who refuse to quit; despite knowing every cigarette is probably doing them harm. In the healing business there are people who would rather suffer than change. We can only work with people who want to heal themselves.

If you undertake core healing it will start from the third visit. In all initial visits I encourage people with health challenges to bring along their life partners so that everyone involved in the healing process is accurately informed of what is required. We explain how the evaluation works and how the corrective chiropractic process operates.

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Body Focus Chiropractic provides the best quality chiropractic lifestyle options. To give you a good choice of options, we bring together a lot of experience. Our whole family approach means the youngest to the not so youngest can enjoy an optimal life experience.

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