Referred Pain

Pain that won’t go away? We can help

Referred pain is unique in the fact that it is often perceived at one location rather than its origin. The underlying network of interconnecting sensory nerves are a common cause for this phenomenon. This type of pain is different from radiating pain, which is something that can usually be identified quite easily. For instance, you may be feeling pain in your back when the cause of the problem may be in your pancreas.

The pain is deep in the tissue muscles and often difficult to pinpoint in order for precise treatment. There are many conditions that can cause referred pain to flair up in a patient. Commonly it can be caused by headaches when pain is referred to the base of the skull, forehead or temples. Typically, the source of pain for these headaches comes from the muscles of the neck which can tighten due to poor posture and the stresses of day to day life. The nerve pathways then get confused as the pain sensations travel between the muscles resulting in the headaches.

What can a Chiropractor do?

Techniques used to fight referred pain vary. These can range from a correction or adjustment of your spine through to your neck, once the pain has been located. Typically treatment will involve corrections to the body and the use of stretches and massage techniques to help the muscles recover. Depending on what treatment you require, and your fitness levels, exercises or other exercise programs may be recommended by our chiropractors to help accelerate your treatment and recovery times.

The success of treatments will depend on the individual and the techniques being used by our chiropractors at Body Focus Chiropractic. Success is also linked to how long the patient has experienced the symptoms, the amount of degeneration occurring in the patient and on what type of pain the patient is experiencing.

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