Relieve the tension locked in your body

Remedial Massage is a manual therapy designed to heal and activate the muscle system. The treatment is tailored for each patient, designed with your goals in mind – whether it be for tight and sore muscles, or a general relaxation massage.

The massage therapists at Body Focus are skilled and knowledgeable, ensuring you get the very best and safest massage suited for your body and needs.

What can Remedial Massage Therapy treat?

  • Aching and stiff muscles from workplace ergonomics
  • Lack of flexibility and “tightness” in muscles
  • General stress and fatigue
  • Pre and post competition sports massage
  • Stiffness and lack of range of motion in joints

Even if you’re not in pain, but just feeling tight (with no specific condition or musculoskeletal injury), this treatment option is for you. If you would like a full-body massage, or relaxation massage, our therapists can help you as well. Or do you just need some maintenance on that tight neck or back? When you don’t have any specific issues, but just want a really good massage, our massage therapists can assist.

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