Sports Injuries

Don’t let sports get the best of you

With sports making up such a large portion of culture in Australia, it is no surprise that many year thousands of people seek professional medical help with a musculoskeletal sports injury. Whilst proper rehabilitation can take some time, it is important the athlete takes the time necessary to recover, otherwise they may be exposing themselves to a greater chance of re-injury.

Our chiropractors are be able to plan and implement a unique program for each athlete, including sport-specific exercises to help correct the injury. The goals of chiropractic treatment are to protect the injured tissues and allow the body time to heal correctly, to rehabilitate flexibility and mobility, and finally to ensure that the athlete can correctly complete the sport-specific activities so they can return to the sport safely with no further risk of injury.

Helpful tips for athletes

If you’re a person at risk of suffering from a sports injury there are several ways you can go about reducing your chances of sustaining a musculoskeletal injury:

  1. Always warm up before exercising – warming up will help reduce the muscle soreness throughout your body but will also ensure that your ligaments are prepared correctly for your activity.
  2. Don’t overdo it – pushing yourself is always a good thing, but never do too much too quickly. If you’re experiencing pain, you should stick with what you can do with reasonable comfort.
  3. Use a foam roller – a great tool for post-activity, a foam roller is a way to help you stretch your muscles out if you are experiencing tightness. Ask your chiropractor for a demonstration.
  4. Use the correct footwear for your sport- worn shoes absorb less shock which can lead to a greater impact on the rest of the leg, thus leading to a potential sprains and other pains throughout the body. By keeping footwear well maintained you can reduce your chance of sustaining an injury.
  5. Ensure that your cool down is effective and that you are particular about hygiene, especially when training in hot weather. Ensure that you monitor fatigue and ease off training.

The success of treatments will depend on the individual and the techniques being used by our chiropractors. Success is also linked to how long the patient has experienced the symptoms, the amount of degeneration occurring in the patient and on what type of pain the patient is experiencing.

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