Comfort is very important for us in our everyday lives since being in any sort of discomfort can cause a very unwanted experience. Whether you are trying to work at the office, enjoy television or playing video games at home, relaxing on the beach or eating out with friends, any discomfort can prevent you from doing these as you intended. One of the worst discomforts would be neck pain, there are a ton of ways you may get neck pain but usually the same parts and areas hurt. What is important is that you know how to take care of this pain to avoid discomfort which can really hinder you from doing the things you need or want to do properly.

Here are some ways that you can manage neck pain:

Taking It Slow

Whatever step you attempt to do to diagnose the pain you have in your neck be sure not to do anything abruptly and be as gentle as possible especially if you are unsure why your neck hurts. Avoid any unnecessary movements and do not attempt to try to make it do any cracking sounds such as when stretching. Be very careful and be slow when checking and doing any steps. It’s still important to maintain a healthy regime and exercise regularly during this time so consider other low impact exercises.


Checking Where It Hurts And Why

Of course the first thing you should do if your neck already hurts is to figure out where and why. You need to check which specific part of your neck hurts such as if it’s the very back or the side and how it began to hurt. Most of these come from the way we lie down, the position we stand, sit or lean and if there is something under our neck during the time we rest. Whenever the neck is in position that it shouldn’t be in and is left as such for a period of time this will cause it to ache later, resulting in neck pain.



Sometimes our neck is just stiff from being stuck in a position for too long and needs a bit of stretching or exercise to make it feel well again. Carefully lean your head in different direction such as if you were stretching or move your head by rotating it. The purpose of this is to get a feel of where it hurts or see if the discomfort is just caused by the lack of movement. If you net hurts more and you are unable to continue due to increased pain, then avoid continuing with this step.


Hot/Cold Compression

The application of heat or cold each have different affects but this is usually for swelling so unless your neck is swelling use cold compression to relieve the pain after use hot compression to ease the pain and allow the parts to rest and relax. If there is no swelling of any sort, then feel free to use whichever gives you relief. Once you are relieved of the pain it is advisable to get some rest and you should use pillows to an extend where you will not have any discomfort and your head is properly positioned.


Sleeping Or Resting

It is important that you get rest if your neck hurts and instead of going out and trying to adapt to or ignore the pain, you should rest your neck has time to recover. As mentioned earlier fixing the position of your head is important to avoid stressing your neck in any way as you want to make sure you are relaxed so your neck can adjust back to its normal state.


Consulting A Doctor or Physician

When nothing seems to work and the pain won’t go away, consider that a strike 3 and have yourself checked out. The more you try to live with and ignore something that hurts in your body, the higher that the problem could persist or develop further. Of course sometimes our bodies heal on their own but it’s better to be get an opinion from a health professional. If the pain doesn’t go away set up a check-up or head straight for one to find out what is causing the pain.


Avoiding Neck Pain

In the first case if you want to avoid any pain occurring when you wake up after a night’s sleep or a sudden pain out of nowhere when your busy minding yourself, there are a few things you should keep in mind. You should always be hydrated, always sleep in a comfortable position and should avoid having your neck in a posture that is uncomfortable. Of course your body needs water to function well and this includes the way it holds itself together believe it or not but it’s true that water does a lot of wonders for us so be sure to stay healthy.

Avoid sleeping in a position where your neck is stressed such as not having a pillow or your head not being supported. If the position that you are sleeping in causes a slight amount of pain, move into a different position before falling asleep as this can cause pain if you don’t. Posture is important as well and this doesn’t only mean we need good posture to look good, but it’s actually for our bodies as well. Your back, neck, shoulders and everything should always be in a good position, especially your head and neck because if they aren’t, there will be a tendency you will be experiencing pain later on. Ensure the every day items you use in your daily life aren’t impacting your neck position. Correctly position your computer monitor at the right height, use backpacks which give correct back support and in the winter months try to stick to jackets which don’t have overly large hoods or collars which can make you adjust your neck position.


Taking care of your body is important in order to make sure it can function properly, especially our neck as it supports are head which controls majority of what we sense. Pain in the neck can be very intolerable and can ruin anyone’s day. That is why it is important for us to make sure we never put it in position where it may be in pain, even if we can tolerate that pain, it will eventually hurt later and maybe end up worse. Be sure to stay hydrated all the time, sleep in the proper manner, keep a good posture and to stretch often to be able to have neck pain.

If you would like to find out how chiropractic strategies can be used to improve your neck health, contact us today.