Body Focus Chiropractic

Feeling less than optimal?

What do you do with your body everyday? You ride in your car, and you might have an accident. You might work while keeping your back in a fixed position. For hours, you might answer telephone calls or enter data on a computer. Or perhaps you labour with heavy objects. After work you go home, have dinner, chat to the family and friends, maybe you play a sport, and then you go to sleep. 8 hours later, you start the cycle again!

And eventually, you develop shoulder pain, migraines, numbness and tingling in the hands, soreness in the extremities and hands, a slumped posture, and worn shoulders. These are signs that back pain will follow.

How you look and feel today is a result of years of performing these daily activities. And our basic explanation is that we adjust to our surroundings. And let’s not forget that gravity doesn’t work for you.

Do you want natural healing?

Because your health is beyond what you can feel, the experienced Chiropractor at our Toorak Gardens clinic will evaluate your current state of health. We will then explain your test results. And if required we will offer you an initial adjustment to see how your body responds.

At Body Focus Chiropractic we will gladly advise you of the best possible path back to wellness and how to maintain your peak performance. Our Chiropractors are here to help guide you through the maze that some people find when seeking a solution to back pain. And of course we help you get to your goal as efficiently as possible.

Let us help you heal yourself and maintain peak performance. In preference to a band-aid, core healing sits better with the BFC philosophy of delivering correction. But many people believe they have no problem because they feel no pain. But not everyone is alerted to their deteriorating health because their body’s nervous system, which evolved to alert you to such problems, uses pain less than 10% of the time to tell you something is wrong.