Neck Pain

Sore neck? We can help you

Millions of people experience neck pain around the world and is the second most common condition that chiropractors treat. Often the most common cause of neck pain is a pinched nerve. This is typically related to poor posture and day to day life in a modern world, however can arise from any kind of motion or movement that is outside your ordinary day to day routine.

Another common cause of neck pain is accidents, where patients may experience “whiplash” which can lead to sudden soft tissue, nerve or ligament damage. Other causes can be linked to sporting injuries or poor sleeping positions. For many people, long term neck pain is also linked to upper back, shoulder and arm pain.

Over time, continual damage done to the neck and spine can translate to constant stiffness and reduced spinal mobility which needs constant attention and treatment.

What can a Chiropractor do?

Chiropractic treatment is often more than just a few cracks and adjustments. We personalise your treatment based on your needs which may reduce or resolve neck pain. Dr. Shane Hennig will assist you by undertaking a chiropractic examination which will involve manual therapy. This is typically in the form of neck and spinal adjustment and soft tissue techniques to work into those trouble spots causing you pain.

Further supplements to adjustments and adjustments can include at home exercises prescribed by your chiropractor in order to get you back into your full range of motion sooner rather than later. These can then also fully extend to a range of techniques and lifestyle changes such as stress management or nutritional management to help you recover from your neck pain and lessen the extent of day to day wear and tear.

The success of treatments will depend on the individual and the techniques being used by our chiropractors. Success is also linked to how long the patient has experienced the symptoms, the amount of degeneration occurring in the patient and on what type of pain the patient is experiencing.

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